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Trial gas for smoke detectors NON-INFLAMMABLE guaranteed absence of fluorinated greenhouse gas guaranteed absence of HFC spray smoke Trial gas (detector / smoke detector) Trial gas for smoke detectors Aerosol test smoke detector
Last update: 2021/03/10 15:15

Test gas for autonomous smoke detectors

and central related detectors, SSI

approved (CE, EN 14 604, NF)

Old ionic installations or new optical or photoelectric devices


Smoke simulator for functional or operational tests.

Response time: 3 to 4 sec.


Non-flammable gas, non-greasy, non-polluting

Guarantee of absence of butane and propane (extremely flammable and explosive)

Guarantee of absence of fluorinated greenhouse gas HFC 134

Directive F Gas 517.2014


iBiotec DETECT GEF 2000




Simulates smoke equivalent

to that at the start of a fire


Guarantees permanent efficiency

of the detectors, for optimal security.


Large capacity aerosol for professionals

Net volume 250 ml  Number of 5’’ tests: 100





Can be used manually or with a pole



Non-inflammable, non-atmospheric pollutant

Non-pollutant of the detectors, optimal sensitivity.


Standalone smoke detectors can be regularly cleaned and dusted with the blowing-neutral gas NEUTRALENE SD, for the purpose of guaranteeing effective fire safety.


The electronic tests (sensitivity pre-setting, generally performed in the factory, and periodic tests) are not enough to guarantee that facilities comply with the relevant regulations and their proper functioning.

Functional tests must be performed periodically, at least every 6 months (APSAD R7 art. 1.6.2 and 6.3.3), with the test gas DETECT GEF 2000.


                             Download the data sheet




"Non-inflammable propellant gas with guaranteed absence of greenhouse HFC gases"



Carton of 12 aerosols 355 ml

Net volume 250 ml

Format for professional usage


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